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Got Mulch ?

Just some of the various types of mulch that the Butler can use to beautify your property. These include Rubber Mulch, dyed mulch in black red or brown, Cedar Mulch, triple or double shredded hardwood mulch, and Pine Straw Mulch. If this seems like too many choices please give us a call and we will evaluate your situation and make a recommendation.

Multi-purpose Protection for Landscape Plants Beautification of your property is just one of the many reasons for incorporating mulch into your landscape. Besides adding a pleasing finishing touch to your plantings, mulch offers a variety of real benefits, including:

  • Conservation of moisture in the root zone
  • A uniform soil temperature to reduce root damage
  • Prevention of soil crusting for better water flow into soil
  • Reduction of weeds to keep your beds and landscape looking better all season long
  • A Kid friendly surface in and around play areas

    We’ll be happy to provide a mulching estimate for your trees, planting beds, and play areas. Give us a call today! 513-575-1000


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