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Lawn Butler Services

From snow removal to creating the perfect outdoor oasis, Lawn Butlers is at your service.


  • Lawn Maintenance

    The secret to a great lawn is consistent maintenance. Let Lawn Butlers provide you with the services to make your lawn look great and let you have more time for family. Let your Butler do the work.

    • Grass Cutting

      Lawn Butlers offers professional, full service grass cutting service for both commercial and residential properties. Click Grass Cutting for more details.

    • Lawn Renovation

      Does your lawn need a "facelift" Call Rob and have a discussion about how to set your lawn up for success. Click the Lawn Renovation link to see a list of our services   focused on your lawn improvement. 

    • Aerating

      While this is typically a Fall season activity for your lawn it may be wise to treat your lawn to this service in the Spring, especially if you forgot last Fall.

    • Dethatching

      An excellent spring activity for your lawn that revitalizes and jump starts your turf. Click the link for more dethatching details.

    • Weed Spraying

      If you keep pullin' and they keep comin' right back then call us and we'll come spray 'em.

    • Edging

      Looking for some separation ? Call us and we will bring our shovel

  • Seasonal Lawn, Tree, & Home

    Lawn Butlers can handle everyones "Honey Do" list. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall just give us a call.

  • Landscaping

    Browse our Gallery for pictures of our featured projects or our Plantings Catalog for photos of annuals, perennials, shrubs & trees that work great for our Cincinnati climate - Lawn Butlers can provide you with everything from design build services, to outdoor living spaces, to giving your landscape a fresh coat of mulch. There is seemingly no end to our possibilities. Call today to start you new landscaping experience.

  • Sprinklers & Irrigation

    Get your water pointed in the right direction. Call Lawn Butlers for all your sprinkler system maintenance needs. An unmaintained sprinkler system can literally have your money going down the drain. 

  • Gutter Cleaning

    Stay off that ladder, who do you think you are... Clark Griswald.  Actually unmaintained gutters can lead to serious roof, foundation, and landscaping damage. Call Lawn Butlers today to set up an appointment to have your gutters checked and cleaned.

  • Power Washing

    More Power oohh, oh, oh. Sidewalks, decks, patios, or driveways are no match. Let your Butler do the work.

  • Light Excavation

    Lawn Butlers can help prepare your raised garden, clear brush, or level-out a site for your own construction project. Let us accomplish in one hour what would take you several weekends to do by hand. 

  • Tree Services

    While Lawn Butlers is not a full service tree company we can handle many pruning, stump removal, and mid-size take-down projects. Call today and let us chainsaw that "to do" list down to size.

  • Leaf Collection

    Here at Lawn Butlers Fall is our favorite time of the year. Mother Natures annual display of color is nothing short of spectacular. However, for homeowners it can be a real burden taking care of the falling leaves. Never fear let Lawn Butlers keep your lawn clear. we can move your leaves to the curb, the woods, or to a collection facility.

  • Firewood Delivery

    Winter nights a bit chilly? Lawn Butlers has a variey of split, dried,aged wood available for pick or delivery. Let Lawn Butlers fuel your fire. Call today.

  • Snow Removal

    Don't let "Ole Man Winter" get the best of you or your business. Call Lawn Butlers. We have radio dispatched crews available 24/7 to clear the way for your family, car, or business. From parking lots to sidewalks "let your Butler do it"


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