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Leaf Collection

Here at Lawn Butlers Fall is our favorite time of the year. Mother Natures annual display of color is nothing short of spectacular. However, for homeowners it can be a real burden taking care of the falling leaves. Never fear let Lawn Butlers keep your lawn clear. we can move your leaves to the curb, the woods, or to a collection facility.

Trees can be a huge asset to your property both aesthetically and functionally. However, for those fortunate enough to have a "wooded lot" it can be a challenge keeping up with the Fall season leaf drop. While the Fall leaf drop is a great source of nitrogen for your lawn too much of a good thing can be harmful to your lawn.  A thick, wet blanket of leaves left unattended can suffocate your lawn, turn the grass yellow, and eventually kill the grass.  Fortunately Lawn Butlers offers several levels of service to help home owners keep your lawn healthy and property looking great.

For those of you living in a community that offers leaf pick up we can bring your leaves to the curb. If your property has a designated area for leaf collection we can move the leaves to this area. If you just want them gone then we can collect, remove, and dispose of your leaf collection.  

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