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Grass Cutting

Lawn Butlers offers professional grass cutting service for both commercial and residential properties.  We offer season long programs as well as vacation cutting service. Each visit includes cut, trim, and blow. We will arrive at your property in uniform and in a professional, lettered vehicle. Lawn Butlers equipent includes a full line of professional lawn equipment from Exmark, Stihl,and Red Max. Our trucks are equipped with mowers from 21" up to 60" allowing us to accomodate any size lawn.

Lawn Butlers grass cutting crews operate on an approximate 7 day rotation in the Spring and Fall. The summer months can be tough on lawns and we adjust our rotation accordingly. If your lawn doesn't need cut the we won't cut and you won't get a bill for it.  Lawn Butlers will not force you into a specific number of cuts per season like some other companies. 

Rules We Cut By:

MOW HIGH ENOUGH - The basic rule is: the hotter the weather, the higher you should mow. Higher mowing promotes deeper roots, prevents water loss by shading the soil, and reduces weeds by preventing sunlight from warming weed seeds. Taller grass also cools the soil and reduces heat stress

MOW OFTEN ENOUGH - Be sure that no more than one-third of the total grass blade is removed in any one mowing. Mowing too short removes too much of the green part of the plant, leaving stalky looking crowns and stems. This gives the lawn a brown, scalped look and weakens the grass, Rocovering from even a single "scalping" sets the lawn's growth back many weeks.

KEEP MOWER BLADES SHARP - Dull mower blades can shred the tips of your grass blades, turning them a bleached, tan color, and leaving the whole lawn looking brown. We sharpen and balance our blades once a week ensuring that your lawn will always get a fresh cut look.


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